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Equitop Myoplast

Equitop Myoplast has been most noticeably successful on Lizzie's top horse, Henton Attorney General. He has struggled the most with the shift from NZL and Myoplast helped him return to winning form. On all of the horses the differences showed very quickly with increased muscle and topline without the heat from overfeeding of protein and oils.

Often following a training break or period of rehabilitation horses need help to rebuild lost muscle. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein within the body, and while horses are able to synthesise some of these themselves (non-essential amino acids), there are a number that they are unable to make and which therefore must be ingested in their diet (essential amino acids). Your horse needs the right balance of amino acids to support the higher rate of tissue growth and repair during recovery and return to work. Equitop Myoplast is a unique and 100% natural supplement for horses, which is packed with 18 key amino acids including 10 essential amino acids. The blend of amino acids in Equitop Myoplast provides the building blocks for efficient lean muscle development without horses becoming ‘fizzy’ or bulking up on fats and oils.

Equitop Myoplast is available from veterinary practices and pharmacies and should be fed for at least two months for the most noticeable results, however most owners start noticing a visible difference in muscle development within just three to four weeks. To see the difference Equitop Myoplast can make for yourself visit and ‘Like’ the Equitop Myoplast facebook page Further information can be found at or contact your local veterinary practice.


Succeed Equine

Lizzie started using Succeed Equine on her team thanks to a recommendation from her vet Spike (Lambourne Equine vets). Since using Succed the horses have increased appetite, maintain their condition and topline much better throughout the long and demanding eventing season. Lizzie now uses the product as a base to the diets of her competition horses and believes that conditioning begins from the inside out.



Devoucoux is wholeheartedly dedicated to the partnership between horse and rider, and has been working to promote it since 1985.
 Our saddles and accessories require the expertise of six different trades (master crafts) within the saddlery profession, all of them central to our workshops in the Pays Basque. Cutting, preparing, assembling, putting together, machine stitching and hand stitching result in a harmonious balance – a constantly evolving savoir-faire that gives our models elegance, expertise and comfort. Innovative by nature, we have no qualms about pairing up the latest technology with craftsmanship. Whether for D3D panels or vegetal leather, we are constantly investing so that our leading world products remain so and our novelties become so. This is our way of making passion last.


Horseware Ireland

Founded in 1985 in Dundalk, Ireland, by Tom and Carol MacGuinness. After months of research and hand stitching the prototype of the established Rambo Original was born and soon set the standard for modern rug design. Today, Horseware is a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders and continues to make the most innovative products on the market. Our Rambo turnouts are still manufactured in Dundalk where we have our headquarters.


Horseware is a proud sponsor of some of the world’s best riders, and we are very happy to welcome Lizzie to our family.


Find out more at


Reverdy Feeds

Lizzie uses Adult energy and Yearling on her team of horses and they love it! "Our horses look and perform extremely well on Reverdy feeds, the products provide slow release energy without the 'heat'".
We use only “noble” raw ingredients that are subject to extremely strict specifications.
We control our raw ingredients avant before they are unloaded, to ensure their quality.
Our raw ingredients are transported in our own lorries, allowing us total control over this stage.
Our feed formulas
Our feed formulas are established in keeping with recent scientifically acquired information. They are not optimised according to market fluctuations of the raw ingredients.
A regular control
A regular control of the analytical values of our finished products is carried out by independent laboratories. All samples are kept for 8 months.
Our entire production and dstribution chain is traced. We can follow the progression of the feeds from the arrival of the raw ingredients to their distribution to our customers.



Lizzie wears Samshield helmets for supreme style and comfort.

Samshield is the result of a mix between the young pro rider's needs, the young designer's creative energy and engineer's technical vision. Samshield's philosophy is always to proprose advanced products in terms of active and passive security, comfort, hygiene, material and finish quality as well as customization.  Lizzie's custom made helmet is black with swarovsky crystals and lizard skin.



Lizzie's horses all enjoy regular Cyclo-ssage treatments pre and post competition and training.

The Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System is a portable, lightweight rug-based system that gently and effectively delivers the benefits of Cycloidal Vibration Therapy (CVT).

It's a whole body therapy that is easy to operate, versatile and effective in improving a number of common horse ailments and problems, including; lymphatic drainage, kissing spine, neck/shoulder stiffness, joint mobility, arthritis, colic.


Stirrups Equestrian

Stirrups Equestrian began in 1995 and over the years has become ne of the leading equestrian retailers in Australasia. Stirrups strive to provide the best service possible. The website is easy to use and has online hundreds of products for you to choose from. The staff at Stirrups are constantly viewing new products and adding the best available to our store. Stirrups boast a fine line up of the best brands from New Zealand and around the World.



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